What’s in the Pan?

I got a new-ish sauce pan today and I’m ridiculously excited about it. If you know me, this is crazy talk. I don’t really cook. I am very limited in culinary skills and repertoire. And although I suspect one of my family members is on a mission to own every kitchen gadget known to man, kitchen accoutrements have no appeal to me.  Two years ago, I hosted family Thanksgiving.  “Where is your baster?” my brother asked.  I don’t have one.  “Where is your pie server?” my sister asked.  I don’t have one.  I am the queen of “make-do” in the kitchen, but back to my excitement about my pan.

It all started when I gave one of our Revereware 3-qt sauce pans to my son who is in his first apartment.  After one year, his pots and pans selection include one 10 inch non-stick skillet and one 8-quart non-stick sauce pan.  (Clearly, he is even better at making-do than I am.  Of course he hasn’t hosted a Thanksgiving dinner yet.)  Anyway, I had two 3-qt sauce pans and he had none, and you know what Jesus said about if you have two and someone else has none…  Well, it turns out that it’s not the same thing that my husband has to say about that, and so he has been complaining for about three months that I gave away one of our 3-qt sauce pans “and lid” to our son.  So fine, I thought I would just buy a new one for us, but guess what?  They don’t make Revereware anymore.  Who knew?  And why not?  It’s great stuff and I want an exact replacement.  I’m very brand loyal.

Now I admit that I’ve taken my sauce pans for granted.  I didn’t even buy the ones I currently own.  My mom (an avid garage sale-er, and antique and collectible dealer) gave them to me.  A part of her loving and generous nature was always giving her kids “stuff.”  All you needed to say was, “Wow, this is a good pot for making spaghetti,” and if it wasn’t going home with you that day, within a couple of weeks she would be presenting you with one.  You had to be really careful with compliments when you were at her house (As I type this, the story is starting to sound too familiar).  So anyway, I had no idea how fortunate I was that I had two 3-qt, and one 8-qt Revereware sauce pans.  They’re the greatest.  A belated ‘Thanks, Mom’.  But what to do about my disgruntled spouse?

I discovered this revelation, that Revereware saucepans – with copper bottoms – are no longer in production, when I jumped onto Amazon to buy a replacement to appease my husband.  I did find one in my search, but it was available on the secondary market for $128.28!  I like helping my kid out when I can, but for a $128.28 sauce pan, I might have to ask him to give it back.  But then I popped over to eBay and I found one there for $29.99!   I purchased it, it was delivered, and all is right in hubby’s world.  But still, that is not the pan I’m excited about.  It was while I was looking for the replacement that I found the pan that I am excited about.  And here it is…


And it is in pristine condition!  When I was a kid we had one at home.  It is the perfect size for cooking 2- 4 soft boiled eggs.  Oh, the memories came flooding back as soon as I set eyes on that petite little pan.  How could I have forgotten about it and have lived my entire adult life without one?  I close my eyes and I am transported back to the kitchen of my childhood – my dad getting ready for work and me getting ready for school.  I’d put the kettle on and make his cup of Sanka.  (Yes, he actually drank crystallized instant decaf coffee with a saccharin tablet, every morning.)  He taught me how to soft boil eggs in a little 1-qt Revereware saucepan, scoop them out of the shell with a teaspoon and eat them on toasted white bread.  What a heavenly memory.

So my husband once again has two 3-qt sauce pans with lids, my son gets to keep his pot for chicken noodle soup and Minute Rice, and I have my new-to-me 1-qt sauce pan for making soft boiled eggs and memories.



3 thoughts on “What’s in the Pan?

  1. I have 3 Revereware pans that I have used for 45 years. I also remember using Mom’s when I was still at home. My childhood memory of these copper bottomed pans is scouring their bottoms with some kind of copper cleanser. I loved to make them shine. I don’t bother doing that anymore. It only takes one more use and the copper color is gone again. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

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  2. my set came from the first home I bought — the seller had gotten married and obviously had all new stuff because she left behind her entire set of pans and towels (had turned into car wash towels — because that would have been just nasty)

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