Happy Easter!

My mom’s middle name could have been Holiday Festive and regardless of the occasion, she could produce appropriate tableware, costume/outfit and decorations at a moment’s notice.  She was the queen of making something out of nothing at all.  She was also one of the first people in our neighborhood to make an “egg tree” out of plastic eggs and a dormant spring bush in our front yard.  Friends and neighbors would gush over her efforts and she would smile happily. Ever the moody teenager, I would roll my eyes.

Each year she continued to decorate the egg tree to the delight of my nieces and nephews. “Go stand by the egg tree, I’ll take your picture,” Mom would say. While I demurred, her grandkids would stand beside the little bush with big smiles.

The egg tree on Water St.

Looking out the front window of our house, she would hug me. “Don’t you like my egg tree?” she asked happily ignoring my sulkiness. I shrugged.

More than twenty years have gone by and my mom is gone.  An older lady down the road from us has an egg tree.  I saw her in her yard and impulsively called out, “I love your egg tree.” I hope her grandchildren love it and that her daughter will have wonderful memories of it.    

Thank you, Mom, for my wonderful, loving memories. Easter blessings, Everyone.

One thought on “Happy Easter!

  1. Your writing today reminds me of all the eye rolling moments my mother caused me as a youngster. Today I smile as these memories creep into today. And, “yes” I find myself duplicating many of those moments. I love you, mom.

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