Pizza – An Italian/American Treasure

We hosted a gathering of neighbors at our place last week-end.  It was a casual affair and more about great company than the food.  I ended up ordering pizzas and salad, because it seemed easy, but it got me to thinking, and writing, about pizza.

Disclaimer:  I usually do my fair share of fact checking before I put internet sourced info out on social media.  The pizza facts in this blog are an exception.  They could be total bullshit, but they seemed legit to me.

Pizza Fact:  Almost everyone eats pizza.

Pizza is a pretty universal – and easy – meal choice.  When I’m picking up something ‘quick’ on the way home from work, it’s often pizza.  When we order lunch for a group at work, it’s usually pizza.  Although there are some stumbling blocks with group pizza.  My social events partner at work has pretty much gotten the process down to science, but it has taken her several years and some complex calculations.  How many people are here today?  How many slices should we order per person?  Don’t forget that Joe Blow doesn’t eat pork and Susie Q is a vegetarian but they can’t eat the same pizza because Joe doesn’t like vegetables. Don’t forget to order salad for the keto crowd even though it seems it never gets eaten.  Cheese only pizza isn’t the most popular choice, but it certainly is the safest.  Mixing meat and vegetable toppings is dicey even when you try to pick the most popular items.  What is popular to someone is not popular for another.  And inevitably someone will ask, “Didn’t you get one with organic goat cheese and banana peppers?”

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Pizza Fact:  The most popular pizza topping is pepperoni.

This is not particularly surprising, but the topping choices, and even pizza themes, have certainly grown over the years.  I’m happy that meat lovers has become a regular menu choice and that’s usually my go-to, although MOH doesn’t like sausage.  I’m also down for some taco pizza or BBQ chicken pizza, both of which make MOH scrunch up his nose.  MOH prefers ham, pepperoni, onion and green peppers.  I’m not eating any of that, but sometimes I relent and order it for him if we are having delivery.  There is no way I’m picking that up on my way home from work.  Been there, done that and my car smelled like BO (from the onions maybe?) for a week.  My deepest sympathies go out to pizza delivery drivers that use their own car.  If you deliver MOH’s favorite pizza to our house, you’re getting a big tip.  You’re going to need it to buy some extra air fresheners to hang from your rear view mirror.

Pizza Fact:  A pizza has been delivered in space. 

I don’t remember having pizza delivery when I was a kid.  Actually, I don’t even remember having pizzeria pizza.  We ate homemade pizza made from Appian Way pizza mixes.  After I was married we lived in an area where we had several different restaurants that delivered.  Not everyone is so fortunate.  One evening when we were visiting my sister, a pizza order was made with their local pizzeria.  As my brother in law put on his jacket, boots, and gloves my young son asked where he was going, concerned that his uncle would miss out on pizza.

4 year old son:  Where are you going?  Pizza is coming.

My brother in law:  I’m going to get the pizza.

4 year old son:  But the pizza man will bring it.

My brother in law:  I’m the pizza man.

That left my son with many questions including why, if his uncle was the pizza man, did he never bring pizza to our house.

Pizza Fact:  People have strong opinions about the source of The Best PIZZA.

There is pizza, and then there is PIZZA.  Although there are many popular pizza chains and franchises, I find that most people rally behind a small, independent pizzeria as having The Best PIZZA.  In the ‘80s, my mom was all about PIZZA from Willow Creek Golf Course.  It was pretty great.  My dad would sometimes order one after a round of golf and bring it home with him.  You might think it was her favorite because someone else made it and it was delivered, but even after my dad passed away, my mom would round up a small group of ladies (none of them golfers) to head out to Willow Creek to eat PIZZA in the clubhouse.

Rob’s Pizza in Stockbridge is also a family favorite.  My niece living in Chicago recently changed apartments and texted me after her move.  “Bout to order myself some pizza as a reward.  Wish it was Rob’s!!!!!”  I agree.  According to a Google search there are 17 pizza places closer to me than Rob’s, but if we want The Best PIZZA, we drive and pick one up.

Other fun pizza facts.

Americans eat 350 slices of pizza every second.
Americans love pizza so much that we eat about 100 acres of pizza everyday – this according to the National Association of Pizza operators.

The Japanese put mayonnaise on their pizza.  In India, the most preferred pizza topping is tofu.  Anchovies are the least favorite pizza topping in the U.S.
Once, when we were in college, after a night at the bar, MOH and I put Jif peanut butter on our pizza.  We thought it was fabulous, but it didn’t really catch on.

The Hawaiian pizza was invented in Canada.
People seem very divided on Hawaiian pizza, specifically the pineapple.  Personally, I dig it.

The risk of some cancers are reduced if pizza is consumed once a week.
Italian researchers have claimed eating pizza regularly reduces the risk of developing esophageal cancer by 59%, colon cancer by 26% & mouth cancer by 34%.

An average American consumes 46 pizza slices in a single year.
I am proud to proclaim I am an above average American.

One of the first documented Internet purchases was a pizza.
I’m not surprised.  Pizza makes everything better, including the internet.

Have a good week, everybody!  I’m guessing there is pizza in your near future.

2 thoughts on “Pizza – An Italian/American Treasure

  1. Appian Way pizza….brings back memories. Always had to add pepperoni and mozzarella since there was none in the package, at least not in the dark ages when I was growing up.

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