Waiting For the Sun

Seasons in the Sun

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Pexels.com

The other morning while I was getting ready for work, as the sun was just starting to peep out of its sleepy nest, I received a text message from my sister.  “Why does it stay dark for so long?  Wait.  Don’t tell me.  I don’t want to know. 😥”

Sad, but true.  The days are getting shorter.  My pups no longer wake me up before the alarm goes off, wondering why we’re still sleeping when it’s daylight.  My 6:00 am alarm goes off in the darkness and I reluctantly crawl out of bed, wishing I could sleep for another hour or so.

I live in Michigan and I do love the seasons, even if I don’t love everything about them.  Some seem too long and others too short.  Some are too steamy and others too slippery.  But much like challenging moments in life, the less desirable moments makes the more desirable experiences all the more glorious.

Sunshine on My Shoulders

Sunny, my aptly named dachshund, may disagree.  The sunshine season is never long enough for her.  She likes to start her day early, laying in the rays from the eastern sky streaming in the front door.  Her day is spent following them across the living room and into the kitchen until they become western rays shining through the back door in the late afternoon. 

Her favorite days are those in which someone, anyone, is at home with her throughout the day.  As she follows the creeping sun spots across the floor, her pleading whine, and the occasional mournful yip, is polite enough and pitiful enough to stop one from whatever they are doing to dutifully move her bed to the latest and greatest sunbathing location.  On the Sunniest of days, her indoor luxuriating is interrupted by frequent trips to the deck where she is radiated from the sun above her and the toasty plastic umbrella base beneath her.  On particularly hot days she doesn’t stay out long.  Much like a human sun goddess dipping in and out of a swimming pool while sunbathing, Sunny trots out to the deck for a quick bake in the scorching sun, then returns back inside to the comfort of air conditioned sunshine.

You Are My Sunshine

“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.  You make me happy when skies are gray.”  I love this song.  It’s magical to me.  It’s a sad song; it’s a happy song. 

My earliest memories of this song transport me into the backseat of my parent’s car to road trip family sing-alongs.  I’m not sure we ever went on a vacation or a trip to visit relatives when this song was not a part of the itinerary.  My parents two-part harmony echoes in my heart, “You’ll never know dear, how much I lo-ove you.”  As a new mother, I spent hours rocking my tiny baby to sleep in the wee hours of the morning, singing the same.

Walking On Sunshine

Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

The Temptations sang about having sunshine on a cloudy day.  Literally or figuratively, everybody needs some sunshine in their lives.  I found this fun blog about 21 Ways to Make Your Own Sunshine.  So whether you’ve got a Pocket Full of Sunshine or whether you’re adding some sunshine to your orange juice, take the days without sunshine for what they are, and appreciate the sunny days all the more.

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