“What Do You Want to Watch?”

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“I don’t care.  What do you want to watch?”

“I don’t care.  Let’s see what’s on.”

So starts the conversation that MOH and I have on a regular basis, and have had for many years. This conversation is followed by a search through network stations, and more recently streaming channels, and can sometimes last longer than our actual viewing time. It seems the more choices we have, the harder it is to land on something agreeable to both of us.

I’ve always felt like we were pretty compatible watch-pals. However, in a recent discussion about a movie, our son said, “You ask too many questions.” I was a little taken aback, but MOH nodded in agreement.

Me:  What?  C’mon.  No I don’t.  Maybe I ask a question if I’m joining late.

My son:  No.  You start asking questions right at the beginning of a movie we’ve all just started watching.

This started a larger discussion on who is – and isn’t – a good TV watching partner.  It’s been on my mind ever since, and today, I’m naming names.  Here’s the breakdown.

What to watch. As I mentioned above, jointly deciding on a show can take a long time. There are so many choices out there – which I think is great! I keep a list of the new series I want to try and MOH is usually game to try the first episode or two. However, there is a long list of shows we haven’t continued, and I’m never really sure if its okay to go on without him or not. Months after we watch two episodes of a show (in which he expressed no enthusiasm) he’ll suddenly say, “What about that show with those people on the snow train that was traveling around the world?” I reply, “Snowpiercer? I finished it on my own because you were busy watching Big Bang re-runs.” (More on this later.)

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‘Who is that? I know him.’ This is a fun game to play. We love shows that have a high profile actor, or even better, an all-star cast. (We recently enjoyed Knives Out.) You score points by being the first to recognize an actor, correctly name him/her and at least one other show he/she has been in. I have a self-inflated sense of how good I am at this game, and I admit it has led to more than one argument. In truth, MOH and I are both very good players and neither of us appreciate being proven wrong by the other.

‘That can’t happen.’ These are fighting words in this establishment. If I dare to point out a GLARING plot flaw, something absolutely ridiculous that makes the premise implausible, I’m met with icy stares and a chorus of ‘It’s a movie!’ like I don’t already know this. Just because a show is fictional doesn’t mean the story line shouldn’t make sense. Unless we’re watching sci-fi in which it is assumed that the premise defies reality, I think the storyline should be solid.

Side note:  ‘Why would he do that?’ will elicit a similar response.

“What is happening?”  And we’re back to the question that started the family discord.  Okay, so maybe I ask an occasional question, but there is no point in watching a show when I don’t even know who are the good guys and who are the bad guys.  My couch potato sidekick seems less concerned with knowing what is going on.  If we’re being honest, my watching is more about being entertained and his seems to be about mindlessly passing the time.  Which leads me to my final thought.

Seriously, Man? How many times can you watch the same show? My niece recently shared with me that in these uncertain times she appreciates the familiarity of reruns. There is truth to that. I enjoy re-watching a funny episode of Cheers or The Golden Girls. However, how many times can you watch Jason Bourne run from the CIA? (Are these good guys or bad guys? Who knows?!) I swear that movie is on like ten times a week. Also, I believe it is only a matter of time before The Big Bang ends up with its own channel playing shows 24/7. I love the gang, but if I have to hear Sheldon say bazinga one more time, I will run screaming from the room.

I miss my time watching shows with my gal pals. Until recently when a certain pandemic threw a wrench in our plans, I was enjoying in person Outlander watch parties with my sister and niece, and a royal watching friend and I were spending Wednesday evenings viewing and discussing The Crown. Oh well, those days will return. In the meantime, MOH, my son, and I will stick to watching football together – something all three of us enjoy. Now all we need is a team that wins once in while. LOL It’s always something.

Photo by JESHOOTS.com on Pexels.com

3 thoughts on ““What Do You Want to Watch?”

  1. Jake and I very seldom watch TV together. He is the one that always has a running commentary or indicates something “can’t happen”. I stream most shows and wear my headphones, no one to make comments or ask questions. I don’t think you and I would be compatible TV watching buddies, but I’m always available to discuss shows that you have seen. The Crown was awesome!😁

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    1. LOL I’ll keep that in mind. And in my defense, I am not one of those annoying people that talk at the movie theater, and we do pause the news if we want to discuss something. I’m getting too old to wait for the commercial. By then, I’ve forgotten what I was going to say!


  2. Thumbs up, Sue. You hit the nail on the head with your assessment on watching tv with others. I do enjoy watching and choosing tv on my own, though I miss someone with whom to shares laughs or plot surprises.

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